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5/20 – BSD School Board Meeting – 6:30 p.m. (District Administration Office, 16550 SW Merlo Rd)

5/20 – CPT/Paved Path Team Meeting @ 3:30 p.m.

5/22 – BSD Budget Meeting – 6:30 p.m. (Southridge High School – Cafeteria

9625 SW 125th) PYP Advocacy Info

5/23 – Continent Club 8:45 – 11 a.m. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED


5/27 – No School (Holiday)

5/30 – All Star Reading Club Celebration VOLUNTEERS NEEDED

5/31 – School Play – “Jumanji” – 6 p.m. (Gym)


6/8 – 2nd Annual Rummage Sale

6/12 – Final PTC Meeting @ 7 p.m.

6/14 – Last Day of School

Carnival Thank You’s

Another awesome West TV Carnival is in the books with many thanks to share!! First to Mandy Becker, our Carnival coordinator for planning and running the event, thank you! And thanks to the many parent and community volunteers who set up, cleaned up, face-painted, and ran the cake-walk, (some of whom did multiple shifts) thank you! Finally, thanks to our 20 student volunteers, many who were West TV alumnae for running the carnival games!Would you like to help with next year’s Carnival? We are looking for a few people to learn from Mandy (who will have a 5th grader next year). If you would like to support the school by coordinating this event, please contact our volunteer coordinator, Karri Iverson at


Volunteer Sign-Up Links

Continent Club – May 23rd 8:45 – 11:00- 16 Volunteers still needed

All Star Reading Club – May 30th 1 – 3 p.m. 4-5 volunteers needed – All Star Reading Club Celebration Sign Up

Field Day June 4th

K, 1, 2, & LSCC Field Day 9:00 – 10:30

3, 4, 5, & USCC Field Day 12:50 – 2:20

Please confirm your start time for your volunteer shift. Volunteers must not be late. Ms. Cereda has a time schedule to follow and would like to explain the directions right at the beginning of each shift. Event times are NOT the same time as volunteering. WE need 20 people to make this a successful event.

8:15 – 8:45 Fill Water Buckets (AM)

8:25 – 10:35 Field Day Stations (AM)

9:00 – 10:35 Refill Water Station (AM)

9:00 – 10:35 Run the First Aid and Water Station (AM)

10:20 – 10:45 Pass out Popsicles

12:15 – 2:30 Field Day Station (PM)

12:50 – 2:20 Refill Water Station (PM)

12:50 – 2:20 Run the First Aid and Water Station (PM)

2:10 – 2:30 Pass out Popsicles


Continent Club – Last Check This Thursday!

The final Continent Club check of the year is this Thursday at 8:45. During this final check, the kindergarten classes, who have been preparing in class, will participate, which means it’s very important to have a full crew of volunteers. No experience necessary to come spend a few hours helping our kiddos learn geography – and it’s so much fun to see all of the grade levels!Here is the volunteer link to sign up: 16 Volunteers still needed


PYP Advocacy This Week

There are two opportunities to advocate for PYP this week. Parents are encouraged to show support at the School Board meeting tonight and Budget Meeting this Wednesday.Parents attending these meetings are encouraged to stand anytime someone is speaking in support of PYP – this helps show the importance of the program for multiple schools across the district.

You can also still send email messages and letters – click here for details on what and where to send.


School Play – Jumanji

Announcing West TV’s first school play production of Jumanji on May 31st at 6pm. This event is free.

Welcome to the Jungle!

Find out what happens when a group of friends are sucked into the magical, and mischievous world of Jumanji – an ancient game where the only rule is survival.

Hope to see you there!


Rummage Sale Donations

Rummage Sale Donations

It’s that time of year again. You know what I’m talking about… Spring Cleaning!!!

And what better way to get rid of all your awesome stuff that you just don’t use anymore? Bring it to the school for the 2nd Annual West TV Rummage Sale on June 8th!

Right now, there are 2, count ‘em, 2 Pods ready and waiting for all of your fantastic donations. “What can I donate?” you are probably asking. Almost anything that you would want to buy yourself. But just to be helpful, here is a quick list to use as a guide:

  • Clean, intact clothing, coats, bags and shoes. If it has a huge mustard stain from last 4th of July that never came out, that’s a shop rag, not a rummage sale item.
  • Household items like lamps, blenders, vacuum cleaners, etc. Just make sure that it works and is something that someone else could actually use. If it was left over from great granny Edna’s estate sale, there is probably a reason.
  • Games, Movies, Toys, Sporting Goods. Almost anything goes here. However, if it was something that was obtained on that road-trip for free with your kids Happy Meal, that probably goes in the recycling bin, not a rummage sale.
  • Electronics? Sure, with one big caveat. Look at the back, does any of the ports say HDMI? Then you’re good. If the only output is a red, white, and yellow RCA, then that’s from when we were kids and it goes to the museum instead.
  • Bikes, Sleds, Outdoor Fun Type Stuff. Sure thing, as long as bike chains aren’t eating pants, those items are usually fan favorites.
  • Books, Books, Books. Need I say more, this is a school.

What not to bring:

  • Bike Helmets- Child Car Seats
  • Anything that you wouldn’t want to buy yourself, if you didn’t already have something so cool
  • Anything with a street value under a buck (see previous list item)

These are either risky to pass on or impossible to sale and are probably better to find anyway to move them.

Thank you for your donations!


Order Next Year's School Supplies Now

Order Next Year’s School Supplies Now


It’s time to order next year’s school supply kits online!

Place your order for your child’s grade next year, plus purchase a few “donation packs” to help buy supplies for our WTV students in need, and your school supply shopping chore is done! Remember, school starts early next year – won’t it be nice to have school supplies delivered straight to the classroom next August?

NOTE: Log into the website: and enter West TV’s school code WES632.

Please consider adding Donation Packs to your order – we’d like to sell at least 100 donation packs so that we can help 10 students with their school supplies. The donation pack can be found at the top of class/grade level list online. It’s $5 per pack (you can purchase more than 1!) You can list your child’s name with the order – we welcome 5th grade families to help with this cause, too.

Questions: contact Jami Keene at


Check Lost & Found

Check Lost & Found

Please have your kids check the lost and found. Items not claimed by Friday May 24th and again at the end of the school year will be collected and donated to the BSD Clothes Closet.


Enrichment Program Information for May

Prior Month’s PTC Reports

West TV Spirit Wear

West TV Spirit Wear

Would you like to purchase a t-shirt, sweatshirt, or other item with West TV logo? You can pick up items or have them shipped to you.

Visit the Spirit Wear shop to purchase.

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