All Star Reading Club

The All Star Reading Club is West TV’s voluntary incentive program to encourage our students to read. Formed in 2008 by former West TV parents, students who read books from five different genres will be invited to a Spring Party and will be able to choose a free book. Students who read a book from all eight genres will receive a special prize at the Spring Party, in addition to a free book.

Forms are due at the end of each month, make ups are allowed until the end of the following month. But special incentive prizes are awarded for completing a form during that month. Each report turned in during the assigned month will receive a golden buck. High quality reports will receive an extra golden buck. At the end of the year golden bucks will be redeemed for books or special prizes.

This is a terrific way for students to explore all the genres of literature and, perhaps, enjoy books they never thought they’d be interested in.

Here are the genres for each month:

October – Mystery & Horror
November – Historical Fiction
December – Non-Fiction
January – Action & Adventure
February – Biography
March – Fantasy & Science Fiction
April – Poetry
May – Folklore
Bonus genre – any month Classics

Forms are due at the end of each month. Make-ups are allowed until the end of the following month. If a student has questions, please contact the library.

This program is supported by the West TV Library, volunteers and the West TV Parent Teachers Club.

 Who should you contact for All Star Reading Club information?  Click here!