Class Parties

Thank you for volunteering your time to serve as a Classroom Resource Parent for your child’s class!  It is both fun and rewarding and is something your kid’s will be proud.  A Room Parent is a very important part of our West TV community and provides volunteer services to a teacher’s classroom and the West TV PTC.  A Room Parent should enlist the help of other parents and be able to delegate these responsibilities.

Typically, Room Parents coordinate three 1-hour class parties each year (Halloween, Winter and Valentines), special events and occasionally they are asked to coordinate parent volunteers in the classroom all while maintaining a positive attitude among the parents in your room.  While a Room Parent’s main responsibility is to the teacher and class, the PTC does ask for your help to further communicate with our parents throughout the year. It is the Room Parent’s responsibility to communicate with the classroom parents and keep them informed. Every child’s family should be given the opportunity to be involved in their child’s classroom and school.

We want to ensure that all of our West TV students have a fun and equitable party experience with as little stress for the students, parents, and teachers as possible. Please make sure that activities and crafts are suited to a school environment and appropriate for the age and abilities of the kids; check with your teachers if you are unsure.

Please review the guidelines here:  ROOM PARTY GUIDELINES