Continent Club

Students in Grades 1st through 5th have the opportunity to explore the world through our Continent Club.  This is an individualized, sequential geography program designed to help students learn some or all of the world’s countries over the course of a school year.  Each student receives a passport, chooses an individual level of study and collects postage stamps for learning the world’s countries and geographic features. This is a parent-run, PTC funded, non-profit geography program.

Studying the maps each month occurs at home.  There may be some studying during Technology through fun, interactive games or in the school library via books related to the country for the month.  Each month on Check Day students will show a volunteer the countries that they learned. Volunteers are parents who encourage all students to the best of their ability.

Continent Club Materials

Individual maps will no longer be sent home every month, however map packets are available in the library or simply download from the links below.

2017 – 2018 Continent Club Dates
September – No Check Day
October 25th – Europe
November 29th – SE Asia & Oceania
December – No Check Day
January 31st – North & Central America
February 28th – South America
March – No Check Day
April 25th – Africa
May 30th – Middle East

Support Continent Club!

Help your child get prepared for Continent Club Check Day. Practice with your child at home – a few minutes a couple times a week is all you need.

There are many ways to learn such as:

We need lots of volunteers on Quiz Day.   Continent Club quiz days are on Wednesdays from 8:45am – 10:45am.

Continent Club Information Sheet Continent Club 2017-18 Check Dates
October Maps February Maps
Europe Study Guide South America Study Guide
Europe Study Map South America Study Map
Europe Blank Study Map South America Blank Study Map
Europe Challenge Study Guide South America Challenge Study Guide
November Maps April Maps
Oceania Study Guide Africa Study Guide
Oceania Study Map Africa Study Map
Oceania Blank Study Map Africa Blank Study Map
Oceania Challenge Study Guide Africa Challenge Study Guide
January Maps May Maps
North & Central America Study Guide Middle East Study Guide
North & Central America Study Map Middle East Study Map
North & Central America Blank Study Map Middle East Blank Study Map
US National Landmarks Challenge Study Guide Middle East Challenge Study Guide

Who should you contact for Continent Club information?  Click here!